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Healthy Ponds History

Since its conception, Healthy Ponds has strived to find natural solutions to enhance and clean pond water. Founded in 1995 as a research and development company, the Healthy Ponds team focused on creating safe and innovative ways to improve pond-water quality. After years of formulation, testing, and approvals, we introduced our first line of commercial products in 1999. Our products enjoy high success rates in treating ponds and larger bodies of water, which are ecologically balanced.


How do Healthy Pond Products Work?

Healthy Ponds products are all-natural, microbial-based pond cleaning and maintenance system that improves water clarity and quality while reducing odors. The Healthy ponds unique, patented 30-day time-release system delivers a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes that consume the excess nutrients in the water. The key to improved water quality and managing unwanted organic growth is being consistent and treating monthly. Healthy Ponds products are easy to use, safe, effective and all-natural.


Treating water is a process

First you need to determine the number of gallons being treated.

Length X Width X Depth X 7.5 = Total Gallons

This is very important when using our products to treat your water feature. Using the correct dosage is important because it is not possible to overtreat but it possible to undertreat and the desired results will not be achieved.

Our Healthy Ponds products are designed to work when the water temperature is above 45⁰F and last for 30-days.


Healthy Ponds 3-Step Process

In order to achieve the best results Healthy Ponds suggests treating in a 3-step process. Our all-natural products are designed to work together, maximizing your results.

Step 1 – Dispenser:  Our dispensers provide a 30-day time-release of all-natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes that consumes the excess nutrients in the water to keep it clean and clear of any unwanted green organic growth. We offer two types of dispensers, biodegradable and reloadable and are available in a wide range of sizes. These dispensers are simple to use, they come pre-loaded and you simply toss the sphere into the water.

            AquaSpherePRO: We call our biodegradable sphere the AquaSpherePRO. It is made from a corn-based resin and other starches. It is available in eight different gallon sizes: 1,000; 12,500; 50,000; 250,000; 500,000; 1,000,000; 1,500,000 & 2,000,000. These spheres are marine degradable and last for 30 days.

            Reloadable Dispenser: Our re-loadable dispensers come in 4 different sizes: 100; 250; 1,000; 2,500. These treat for 30 days also but then can be reloaded with refills.

Step 2 – Supplements: Our all-natural supplement products help improve the water clarity and quality by safely increasing the beneficial bacteria level in the water quickly, combating excess nutrients both at the top of the water column and bottom. In short, they help consumes the excess nutrients in the water and are a great complement, and designed, to work in conjunction with the AquaSpherePRO. We have three different supplements; Natural Blast, Vista and Rush. The supplements are also very user friendly, but each work a little different in the water.   

            Natural Blast: comes in pre-measured water-soluble bags that are simply tossed into the water. Natural Blast works throughout the entire water column to treat common water problems that cause clarity, quality and severe odor issues. This all-natural product advances the decomposition of floating and suspended green organic matter and restores the health of your fountain, aquarium, or pond.

            Vista: comes in pre-measured water-soluble bags that are also tossed into the water. Vista works for 7-10 days and targets organic material on the top layer of the pond.

            Rush: improves water quality in stagnant ponds by eliminating heavily matted, floating organic matter on the surface of the pond. It enhances the nutrient-consumption activity of beneficial bacteria, accelerating the decomposition of floating organic matter. This product is spread directly on the organic matter and quickly and effectively reduces green organic matter in ponds.

Step 3 – Colorant: Our all-natural blue and black dyes improve the aesthetics and health of your water feature / pond by preventing sunlight penetration in turn limiting aquatic vegetation, at the same time keeping water temperatures lower. Our colorant comes in either a loose granule or water-soluble bags, both which are very user friendly.


If you have questions regarding our products or want to learn more about how our products can benefit you give us a call at 877-948-0303.

02 Jan 2019

By Leigh Simpson