MICRO-Fe™ 0-0-0 +6% Fe Liquid Iron


MICRO-Fe™ contains iron in a liquid solution of Biofeed® ACT® to increase leaf absorption of this important element. This dynamic blend promotes strong plant development, improved antioxidant production, plant enzyme activity and chlorophyll production for deeper green leaf color. BENEFITS OF USE: Corrects iron deficiency Promotes deep green leaf color Enhances disease resistance Improves heat and drought tolerance Stimulates beneficial aerobic soil microbes Easy-to-use liquid formula Use year-round GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Sulfur (S)………….. 3.0% Iron (Fe)…………… 6.0% Derived from Ferrous Sulfate. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please refer to the product label and/or technical bulletin for application rates.



Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

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Biofeed® foliar and soil products come to life through our Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT). Creation of ACT® starts with our proprietary process of enzymatic transformation of sustainable plant extracts and organic acids.


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