SURFACT™ Multi-Purpose Wetting Agent and Surfactant


SURFACT™ is a multi-purpose wetting agent and surfactant formula made with powerful surface active agents and organic acids that work synergistically to enhance irrigation efficiency and soil moisture levels as it buffers salts for maximum performance. SURFACT™ also enhances fertilizer, herbicide and insecticide efficiency by enhancing penetration and absorption and by neutralizing mineral salts in the tank water. INGREDIENTS: CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Modified Ammonium Lauryl Polyethylene Glycol……….95.0% Carboxylic Acids……….5.0% NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE AS A FERTILIZER SUBSTITUTE All ingredients are exempt from the requirements of a tolerance as specified in 40 CFR 180. Formulation may vary by region or country. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please refer to the product label and/or technical bulletin for application rates.



Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

Biofeed Solutions, Inc.

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Biofeed® foliar and soil products come to life through our Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT). Creation of ACT® starts with our proprietary process of enzymatic transformation of sustainable plant extracts and organic acids.


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