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From day one, S & S Tire Co. has been a family business, taking pride in their local communities. S & S Tire Co. was founded in 1976 in Peoria, AZ by the Slagle Family. In 1986, we purchased “Good Tires” in Goodyear, AZ and changed the name to S & S Tire Co. and eventually moved to our current location on Dysart Road. Then, in 1998, we opened our third store in Surprise. MANY OF OUR CURRENT EMPLOYEES HAVE BEEN WITH THE COMPANY FOR 10 YEARS OR MORE AND SOME MORE THAN 20 YEARS, COUPLE THAT WITH, 3 GENERATIONS OF SLAGLE'S, S & S TIRE CO. IS TRULY A “FAMILY” BUSINESS. The Slagle family's two sons, Rob and Dan, are active in the operation of the business. The lessons they learned throughout life about customer service, coupled with their formal education, assures the continued success of the S & S Tire for many years to come. Today, with a staff of more than forty well trained, caring people, the company is positioned to be a dominant factor in the markets it serves. All three of the S & S Tire Co. stores have a solid reputation of providing excellent service, knowledge, and satisfaction. We take great pride on our clean and professional looking locations. The goal of S & S Tire Co. is to give their customers excellent, fast service at a competitive price. We are a one stop store, offering almost all automotive services and a large inventory of tires, including small lawn and garden, ATV, trailer, to large commercial and motor home tires.

Affordable Turf & Specialty Tire was formed in 2008 and is the ‘Specialty Tire” arm of S & S Tire. We have 2 large warehouses, Glendale AZ and our newest in Greenville SC, affording us the ability to serve most of country with specialty tires usually in 2 days delivery time or less. We carry in stock, nearly, any tire a golf course would need or want. We often have more than 1 or 2 options for most sizes that many times provide better wear and puncture resistance characteristics than the original tires, all at a lower cost.

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