Evergreen Turf Covers


Evergreen the proven name in turf covering continues to provide the best product on the market for all types of turf and turf facilities. Our covers over the past 35 years have been the cover of choice on all major golfing events. From the PGA championships, The US Opens, and other PGA events Evergreen has been there. Where cover performance is demanded and expected our line of covers have met those high demands. Lightweight promotes rapid germination, vented to allow air, water and light penetration, one-piece construction, ideal for overseeding, frost protection in the transition zones. We stand behind our 7, 10 and 12-year warranties on our covers as we have the history to prove it! EVERGREEN the multi-purpose cover meets all your covering needs. For further information contact Bill Thompson @ 1 800 388 7871 - (905)-510-5290 (cell)


645 Needham Ln
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 1T9

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