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Our unique HUMATE organic programs with microbial inoculants and complex support materials are the best way to develop a natural, healthy, disease and insect-resistant turf. These programs also include granular and liquid organic nutrients as would be found in a natural soil environment. University trials and customers have demonstrated that our products in simple, easy to apply programs will suppress disease without the use of fungicides. Use this program to “feed the soil” to create a sustainable plant/soil environment that is more efficient and effective for maintaining a properly balanced soil, a strong and massive root system, and healthy, stress-resistant plants with the correct balance of nutrients. Please call: (800) 393-4769 (o) (904)237-8728 (m) for more information.


6633 Stuart Ave
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Office hours are 8:00 to 4:30 Additional contact numbers: (904)783-6396 (o) (904)237-8728 (m)


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