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Klingstone® is the patented, liquid-applied bunker barrier that permeates and binds soil particles in bunker cavities to stop contamination of the sand, eliminate erosion, stabilize bunker faces, and enhance the effectiveness of your drainage system. Klingstone® pumps easily - directly from the drum to the bunker. Klingstone® penetrates the soil base of the bunker and cures into an inert, plastic liner. Longevity? 19 years…and counting… Testimonials: “After 11″ of rain in three days, the bunkers treated with Klingstone drained the best of any on the course, with no standing water and zero contamination from below. This stuff works!” Clay Putnam, CGCS, ServiScape LLC “We have had Klingstone in our bunkers now for 17 seasons… Our bunkers are still draining like new with no subgrade contamination.” Tim Johnson, superintendent Spring Hill Golf Club, Wayzata, MN

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