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Nordic Plow LLC created a series of patented CORE SOLUTIONS designed to assist the Superintendent in getting his course ready for play quicker than ever before, in a manner that's easier on the green, his personnel and his budget. Our most popular SOLUTION attaches to your Toro ProCore 648, allowing one man to do the job of 3-4 men, and in half the time. We also have plows that fit major brands of Bunker Rakes, Tri-Deck Mowers, and Walk Behind Mowers, as well as pushers, that provide additional options to fit your method of operation. The plows consist of a multi-sectional, lightweight composite material that is safe on anything you don't want to rip or tear up, ranging in widths from 36 to 64 inches. A unique trailer for the ProCore unit is also available, which will save over 2 hrs of operation time per 18 holes by itself.


771 W. North Avenue
West Chicago, Illinois 60185
United States



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