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Natural Slow Release Carbon Based Fertilizer--New Technology Over the last decade, we have developed the most effective nutrient delivery method using a natural carrier. Carbon90Plus is the result of our efforts, and represents our commitment to provide products that deliver more to the plant, using less, and is less impactful on the environment. NATURAL & ECO FRIENDLY // Carbon90Plus™ minimizes leaching & volatilization by binding nutrients to naturally occurring carbon. That’s good for plants, good for business, and good for the environment. SMARTER PLANT GROWTH // Carbon90Plus is a natural, extended release fertilizer which bonds nutrients to the carbon found in peat moss. While other fertilizers may spike soil with massive amounts of nutrients, Carbon90PLUS naturally binds nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, sulfur and other micronutrients to carbon until plants need them. BUILD YOUR SOIL // The secret behind Carbon90Plus lies in our use of carbon. Homogenous granulars, each containing a precise mix of nutrients, break up evenly in your soil. Bound by carbon molecules, nutrients provide a longer lasting, natural fertilizer which does not leach with simple watering. Organic Matter is added with each application.

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