Quest Products Corp


Quest Products Company was founded more than 20 years ago to bring forth new technologies to improve the treatment of plants in agricultural and horticulture. Many of these technologies developed by Quest have become commonplace in the market today, such as the use of Phosphite fertilizer (Stress Master) and fungicide Reliant Systemic Fungicide and the patent-pending new controlled-release phosphite technology are now commonly used throughout the world. The innovative surfactant technology Pentra-Bark has greatly reduced the drilling and wounding of valuable trees for insect and disease management throughout the USA. The Main Event Chelate products bring unrivaled performance to soil-applied micronutrients. The Fresh Cut Odor reduction technology now helps applicators treat sensitive areas with chemistries that would not normally be welcome due to persistent offensive odors.


23611 Linwood Road
Linwood, Kansas 66052
United States



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