Soil Tech Corp


Soil Tech Corp. is a pioneer in the development of biological technologies that improve golf course turf. Since 1986 we have supplied our natural organic products to golf courses around the world. Soil Tech bio-products include proprietary bio-fertilizers (Bio-Mega), soil conditioners (TurfTech Bio), nematode controls (Armorex), bio-fungicides (Bac-Pack), pest repellents (Garlic Gard), beneficial microorganisms (Soil Success) and wetting agents (Oasys Ultra). These specialty products have been field proven in thousands of golf course applications and are university tested for efficacy.

Bio-Mega - A Total Microbial Ecosystem for Greens & Tees


2103 185th St
Fairfield, Iowa 52556
United States


  • organic
  • plant health
  • pest control
  • soil health
  • root growth
  • Founded 1986