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Yunker Plastics, Inc. provides pond lining that meets or exceeds environmental and NRCS/DNR standards. Our focus is intended to address irrigation as well as maintenance concerns while assisting in the limitation of vegetation growth and minimizing maintenance for ground superintendents up to and including concerns of erosion, pesticides and climate change which in turn lowers course costs. We have a reputation of more than 30 years of successful installations without failures. Established in 1988, Yunker Plastics, Inc is internationally recognized for quality to manufacturing, distribution and installation of pond liners for many different applications. We pride ourselves on our team of professional pond management consultants who are ready to assist you in designing your ponds and hazards. We are always available to help you find the pond liner and products to Best fit your application. EPDM GEOMEMBRANE’S resiliency provides flexibility in pond design and can be Easily shaped to fit the unique contours of your pond, giving you much more creative design versatility. All Products used in water hazards and irrigation ponds are fish friendly, flexible, durable and weather-resistant. We pride ourselves in the workmanship and care that goes into planning and designing your water hazards and irrigation ponds. We look forward to working closely with your staff to ensure your expectations are Exceeded. Services: Material only Material & Installation Training Consulting Customization Products: Firestone Geomembrane™ Aquaweve™ Reinforced High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


251 OConnor Dr
Elkhorn, Wisconsin 53121
United States

Fax: (262)743-1233

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